Voucher code software for your
marketing technology stack.

We help e-commerce retailers run advanced voucher code
promotions for customer acquisition and retention.

Caroline Mulvihill – Head of Affiliate Marketing

“Uniqodo has enabled completely new marketing campaigns with results impressing across the business. This has opened up a channel that we believe offers a high level of incremental sales which can now be rolled out across several other products in the portfolio.”

Uniqodo for better customer service

Happy customers are at the core of every successful business. Uniqodo wants to contribute to that by making customer service as easy as possible for you.

Read on to know how.

Uniqodo improves your SEO

There is more to discount codes than it seems at first glance. Most don’t know that having a Click-to-Reveal Button on your website will also increase your site’s SEO ranking and average profit per transaction.

Blogger Button – Work with influencers

Bloggers are personable and relatable, positioning blogs as highly trusted sources of ideas and information. Open up the untapped potential of these influencers with Uniqodo’s Blogger Button.

Why do HR departments use unique codes?

Employee wellbeing is a big concern for HR departments. Staff benefits are there to reward the workforce, but often end up being used by friends and family members alike. Fortunately, this can be prevented.

Uniqodo for affiliate marketing

Voucher code affiliates are brilliant partners, but providing them with a batch of thousands of unique codes takes effort and organisation. That’s why we streamlined the process.

Rob Carter – Digital Marketing Manager

“We have wanted to implement unique codes into our marketing strategy for some time. Uniqodo made this possible within a very short timeframe without adding further strain on our development resource.”

Personalise your promotions

Selected customer profiles and/or customer journeys can be targeted on-site when you display a code according to the number of purchases a visitor has made, their location, etc.

Michael O’Connor – Online Trading Manager

“Uniqodo made a partnership between Urban Decay and UNiDAYS a reality. We are deeply impressed, and are now planning new promotions that will make use of Uniqodo’s USPs throughout 2016.”

Every lost customer is a lost opportunity

Winning a new customer is more costly than getting an existing one to buy again. Investing in customer reactivation makes sense, and unique codes are the perfect bait for these campaigns.

Unique codes vs. generic codes

The main benefit unique codes have over generic ones is that the merchant has control over their distribution even after the campaign goes live. The following scenario explains why it matters.

Thinking about performance marketing?

Voucher codes are a popular form of performance marketing. They increase sales and brand loyalty, they can be tailored for audiences, and they work for various types of marketing campaigns.

Sam Higgins – Marketing Manager

“At the touch of a button! Uniqodo
enabled us to generate 1 million
unique codes for use in our offline marketing campaign with
Strongbow cider.”

Revenue ROI is good. Profit ROI is better.

The phrase “revenue is vanity, profit is sanity” applies to measuring the success of a marketing campaign, as a campaign with positive revenue ROI might not be profitable on the bottom line.

Uniqodo for Offline

Any unique code issued by any marketing campaign can be redeemed over the phone via call centres or directly in stores, simply by adding Uniqodo’s validation and redemption tools.

Uniqodo for Email

Uniqodo for Email is available to all our customers. It enables unique voucher codes to be sent in any email marketing campaign.